RCare Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Customizable wireless nurse call systems improve the lives of residents, caregivers, and administrators. Special Care Systems has extensive experience installing wireless nurse call systems that meet the real needs of your facility.

A Unique Approach To Nurse Call

We understand that resident care is at the center of everything you do. That’s why reducing frustration for your caregivers, residents, and administration is at the heart of RCare’s wireless nurse call system.


Wireless Nurse Call Systems In Action

Learn how Special Care Systems was able to help Loretto Health and Rehab replace their 20-year old wander management system and outdated nurse call solution with a fully integrated wireless nurse call and wander management system to protect residents in their facility.
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What Makes RCare Wireless Nurse Call Systems Standout?


Pretty, Pretty Pendants

Give your residents the autonomy they need with our fully waterproof and lightweight pendants. Pendants can be switched from a wristband to a necklace in about five seconds and are available in a variety of patterns and designs.


RCare Mobile

The RCare Mobile app provides the portability of a smartphone in a secure, encrypted environment. The Rugged RPhone is drop-proof, waterproof, and designed for the active environment of a busy hospital, skilled nursing or assisted living facility. Receive real-time alerts via a mobile device that contains the resident’s name, photo and pertinent details along with the ability to notify other staff that you have this alert covered.


Caregiver Console

Our Caregiver Console displays incidents clearly and uses a 10” touchscreen for easy interaction. The optional phone integration attachment makes this console the perfect place to receive and send text or voice messages to other caregivers around the community.

"I Got It" Feature

Eliminate confusion over who is responding to your residents and avoid duplicate efforts with our interactive technology that allows caregivers to easily notify everyone that they have taken responsibility for a call.

Record Activities of Daily Living

Our system has the capability to automatically and efficiently log ADL services that are rendered right at the point of care, via RCare Mobile, improving reporting and billing accuracy.

Customize Your Care

Special Care’s wireless nurse call systems allow you to define the metrics for residents and caregivers by shift, wing, group, or even across the community.

Measure & Improve

With our built-in data and analytics, you can easily measure response times and work towards improving your residents’ and the community’s overall satisfaction.

Easy-to-use Reporting

Get every piece of information about your facility that you need delivered right to your computer or tablet. Data can be broken down by resident, caregiver, shift, or level of care and can be viewed by wing, group or across the community. Enjoy our suite of standard reports or create your own custom reports with our easy-to-use interface.


Our wireless nurse call systems can integrate with almost any platform in your existing infrastructure. Many of these integrations offer seamless integration so that you can manage multiple systems in a single user interface once the system setup is complete.

Wireless Alerts

Wireless transmitters are where everything begins. With our reliable, ETL-tested* transmitters, residents can retain the autonomy to move throughout your facility knowing that they can get help quickly with a simple push of a button.

Accessible Anywhere

Like the brain of a nervous system, the Cube is the center of the RCare solution. All signals from wireless devices are processed and are acted upon by this military-grade, Linux-based computer. In addition to issuing a variety of notifications, the Cube also securely provides reporting through your web browser from anywhere in the world.


Special Care Systems understands the high turnover rate with residents and even caregivers within a facility. Our systems are designed to be easily moved from one room to the next and to quickly update information for both residents and staff. The parts and pieces are easily interchangeable and can be moved from room to room without rewiring anything in the walls making it one of the most flexible nurse call systems available.

RCare Bill of Rights


Right Caregiver

Who is the right caregiver to answer a resident call? RCare will make your entire staff more efficient by eliminating duplication of effort. The “I Got It” feature allows the available, nearby caregiver to claim the call, letting others know that they do not need to respond.


Right Resident

The right resident is the one who needs you the most. RCare not only tells you precisely who is calling for assistance, but in the case of wearable pendants, exactly where they are. Their location is pinpointed for caregiving staff, including their exact floor number.


Right Time

The right time is right now. Nurse calls need to be timely and reliable and no system is more reliable than RCare. What’s more, RCare uses full duplex communication and two-way digital signal verification to eliminate false alarms in your community.