Hospital Communication Systems in Healthcare Facilities

If you are in the business of saving lives, you need reliable hospital communication systems that offer unique safety and security features for your patients, staff and visitors.

Special Care Systems has the connections—and the experience—to ensure the safety of your patients, medical staff, and any specialized medical equipment. Products like our hospital security systems provide turnkey solutions for medical facilities so that you can focus on what matters most: the health of your patients.

The Transitional Care Center (TCC) and Park Ridge Living Center invested in Special Care Systems…we have been using the system almost a full year. The system and the company have been great throughout the process and it has proven to be a great investment for us!
Camilla Miner | Director, TCC
Wired Nurse Call

Nurse Call Systems »

Critical Alert’s nurse call systems create flexible, highly reliable, and secure nurse call systems for hospitals and healthcare organizations.

Infant Security icon

Infant Security »

Cuddles nurse-friendly infant security offers an advanced hospital security system solution tailored specifically for newborns, ensuring the safety and well-being of infants while optimizing operations for healthcare facilities.

PA System icon

Public Address Systems »

Carehawk Safety Communications systems offer a unique combination of processing power and memory storage with unprecedented flexibility.
Duress button icon

Duress Button Systems »

Staying calm and rational during a crisis is easy with the Response Care (Rcare) system, which gives users access to hospital security at the push of a button.
real time location icon

Real Time Location Systems »

Critical Alert’s Real Time Staff/Asset Locating Systems (RTLS) enhance your hospital communication systems by providing deeper insights into the workflows and staffing levels by floor or unit.
Rapid deployment kit icon

Rapid Deployment Kits »

Support an expansion to the number of patient beds in your current facility, or in temporary facilities with deployment for up to 40 patients and 4 caregivers in record time.
wireless communication icon

Wireless Communication »

SpectraLinks' Versity 95 series enables your healthcare staff to stay connected, no matter where they are in the facility. 
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Fall Risk Management »

AliMed Products offer integrations into new or existing nurse call systems, creating an added level of security and confidence to your fall risk management plan.

Special Care Systems is an authorized distributor of hospital communication systems from leading medical technology providers. We are dedicated to delivering complete solutions that are specifically designed to meet the demands of healthcare facilities. Our hospital security systems will protect your facility, and give staff and patients more peace of mind.