Flexible Healthcare Equipment Financing Options Available

Special Care Systems has developed a healthcare equipment financing program to provide you with convenient options to acquire top-of-the-line healthcare equipment and software for your facility.

With leasing, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Our leasing options will work with you to build a lease agreement that meets your needs. We offer leasing options through two different companies, First American and Real Lease, to get you the best financing on your healthcare equipment.

Flexible Healthcare Equipment Financing Plans


First American’s solutions have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association and the elite Peer Reviewed by HFMA® designation. First American focuses on healthcare and life sciences—and, since they are bank-owned, they offer extremely competitive rates.

Capital Lease ($1 Buyout)

  • Low fixed rate financing
  • Spread acquisition cost over multiple years
  • Match cash outflows to useful life of the equipment
  • Long-term ownership of equipment

Defined FMV Lease

  • Hybrid solution with low monthly payments
  • Predictable Cost of Ownership

Fair Market Value (FMV)

  • Lowest monthly payments
  • Ideal for predictable “refresh” cycles
  • Flexible lease-end options (clean walk-away or purchase)


Healthcare is challenging enough without having to worry about how you’re going to secure the funding you need to stay up to date. That’s why Real Lease has made it their highest priority to help you easily and cost-effectively secure the equipment and technology you need to run a profitable, successful healthcare business.

Capital Lease

  • Ideal for companies that wish to own the equipment at lease end
  • Full purchase price is spread over term of lease; at lease end, you own the equipment for minimal payment
  • Various Fair Market Value end-of-lease options are available

Operating Lease

  • Typically used for equipment that will maintain its value
  • Used for “off-balance sheet” accounting practices
  • Provides numerous lease-end options

Why are people financing their healthcare communication equipment?


This allows facilities to allocate resources strategically for operational needs, expansion, and unforeseen circumstances while still ensuring access to essential equipment for patient care.


Hospitals can manage their cash flow more effectively, avoiding large upfront expenses and allowing for predictable budgeting.


Financing allows for facilitating a more balanced financial strategy and ensuring that equipment costs are proportional to the income generated from patient care services.


Many facilities finance their healthcare equipment due to accounting and tax benefits such as depreciation deductions and potential tax credits, which can help reduce overall operational costs and enhance financial efficiency.

How Healthcare Equipment Financing Works


Reach out to Special Care Systems to see what type of equipment we recommend to keep your facility up to date


Once approved, we will finalize the details for the equipment you have selected


Enjoy Hassle-Free Financing—with competitive rates and flexible terms, you can focus on what matters most: Providing exceptional care to your patients

Don't let financial barriers stand in the way of providing top of the line care

Reach out to Special Care Systems today to learn more about our healthcare equipment financing options and unlock the possibilities of accessible, affordable, and innovative communication solutions.