Wired Nurse Call

Critical Alert Signaling, Call Answer & Work Flow Devices

Dome Lights

Provides visual signaling of calls, codes, alarms & zones in corridor & other locations – Can be equipped with up to 6 LEDs offering a wide variety of uses.

Call Answer Terminals

Purposely built for nursing units and clinicians, CyberCAT is now encased in a durable, white housing allowing for easier cleaning. Likewise, the keyboard and mouse are now covered in a protective membrane, drastically reducing surface area & gaps.

RTLS Devices

RTLS devices can help identify and track the location of medical devices, equipment and staff throughout a facility. Multiple colors can indicate different levels of staffing or equipment types.
Special Care Systems is an authorized distributor of Critical Alert Wired Nurse Call Systems. As a certified installer with over 20 years of experience, we provide design, integration, installation, training, and support in a wide range of healthcare environments.
  Nurse Call Systems creates flexible, highly reliable & secure nurse call systems for hospitals and health care organizations. At the center of our offering is CommonPath, an innovative software application that integrates critical messaging, clinical workflows, real-time location, hardware components and reporting into a single-source solution.

Comprehensive Reporting

CommonPath’s Reporting Suite provides a complete picture of your nursing operations, enabling management to visualize clinical workflow, substantiate rounding compliance and demonstrate accountability while helping to ensure better overall patient care satisfaction. CommonPath’s Reporting Solution empowers administrative and strategic decision making by providing in-depth visibility into clinical work patterns, staff efficiency and utilization of resources at the individual, unit, facility and organizational level.

No Middleware Required

Integrating Nurse Call Systems with other hospital investments, such as wireless communication devices, ADT and real time locating systems (RTLS) translates into more efficient workflows, faster response times, more informed response to patient requests and less clinical interruptions.

Critical Alert Resource Center


A Unique Approach To Nurse Call

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