Nurse Call Systems for Hospitals

Critical Alert’s CommonPath nurse call systems for hospitals create flexible, intuitive, and secure ways for healthcare facilities of all sizes to communicate.


At the center of our offering is the CommonPath nurse call system, an innovative software application that integrates critical messaging, clinical workflows, real-time location, hardware components and reporting into a single-source solution.

Our focus on clinical productivity, innovative use of technology and patient safety leads to quieter, more efficient units, improved outcomes for patients and better utilization of nursing resources.

What Makes CommonPath So Special?


Native Integration Capabilities

Integration of ADT, monitoring alarms, and data from medical devices and mobile communications lead to improved care coordination. The CommonPath platform natively integrates to mobile devices such as Spectralink, Vocera, Mobile Heartbeat, PatientSafe Solutions, Centrak RTLS, and more. This capability eliminates the need for expensive third-party middleware between nurse call and mobile devices that many other competitive nurse call systems for hospitals require.


Industry-Leading Reporting & Analytics

A real-time analytics function comes embedded within the CommonPath platform and allows for better clinical workflow reports—and a better patient experience. The platform leverages both qualitative and quantitative data to identify the patient’s satisfaction level with their care, so you can truly understand the connection the patient is making with your care team.


Software-Based Nurse Call Platform

With the Critical Alert CommonPath nurse call systems for hospitals, we put nurse call intelligence in your data center, either on your servers, or in the cloud. Our Critical Alert nurse call hardware is intentionally engineered not to be “smart”, which helps keep costs low and prevents every nurse call upgrade from turning into a construction project.

Standalone Fall Prevention Software for Stryker Wireless Beds

Our CommonPath Enterprise Platform remotely monitors factors such as fowler angle for critical care patients, or safe side rail configuration for fall risk patients in real-time. Should a parameter change, the system can generate an alert, that can be sent directly to a caregiver’s mobile device or populate a centrally-located bed board.

Smartphone Notifications

Send contextual bed-exit alarms directly to the mobile devices of your caregivers. We support an integration library of industry-standard mobile, CC&C platforms such as Vocera, Zebra, Cisco, Spectralink, etc.

FDA Class II Medical Device for Secondary Alarm Notification

CommonPath Alarm Management interfaces with clinical systems to acquire alarms, events and values, then using configurable workflow, routes context-rich notifications to third-party mobile devices. The solution is an integrated component of the CommonPath Enterprise Platform, an FDA Class II medical device for secondary alarm notification.