Nurse Phones & Hospital Paging Systems

Special Care Systems provides a variety of wireless communication options, delivering critical Patient needs to your Caregiver – anytime, anywhere. We provide design, integration, installation, training and support in a wide range of healthcare environments.


Hospitals and healthcare establishments face a variety of issues that require proven solutions in order to protect entry and secure their facilities. In addition, healthcare facilities pose a unique challenge because it is essential to balance patient accessibility with hospital security. FacilityGuard will provide a cost-effective solution to meet those challenges, while ensuring enhanced security measures with its integrated hospital security access control systems.

The software interface can be configured with different options depending on the size and scope of a facilities’ needs. Facility Guard is suitable for locations with as few as two controlled doors and scalable to enterprise level applications.

Why Choose our Hospital Paging Systems?


Paging Solutions

Put the connection to patients and residents in the palm of your hand with facility or campus wide paging solutions. Dedicated infrastructure ensures message delivery. Our medical pager products are a reliable means of communication that has been trusted by the healthcare industry for years.


Radio Integration

Extend further with facility or campus wide solutions. Door monitoring, duress and service alerts can be sent over existing or new radio infrastructure to better protect patients, residents & caregivers.


RCare Mobile

Utilizes smartphone-like handsets. Caregivers will receive alerts, detailed resident information and location. Voice and text communications with other caregivers lets everyone know who is responding to the call. The future is here!

Reliable Communication

Special Care Systems offers many means to relay critical information. We employ systems to utilize existing cellular infrastructure to send patient requests by text/SMS and email notifications to a variety of cellular devices. This will keep everyone engaged and informed on what is happening around the facility.

Connect to Radio Systems

Take your communications to a higher level by connecting new or existing technologies to portable radio systems. Fire alarm, security, and building automation system messages can be instantly sent to radio users to warn about potential problems and improve response times.

Easily Document Care

All RCare Mobile handsets are equipped with NFC chips allowing responders to check in and out of the point of care, effectively logging the time spent providing care. They can also document what services they performed and any additional caregiving notes regarding a visit. RCare Mobile users can expect to see rounding coefficients increase.

Medical pagers are still essential to hospital, healthcare and emergency response environments. The value of reliable emergency communication via wireless hospital paging systems remains high today, where steady & reliable communication is critical and physicians and nurses need to be alert and respondent to patients’ needs.