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RCare Portable Nurse Call Systems for Rapid Deployment

Special Care Systems is an authorized distributor of RCare’s Rapid Deployment kits—portable nurse call systems for hospitals and clinics. Developed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, these kits provide medical facilities with a reliable, field-tested solution to effectively expand the capabilities of their facility.

Special Care Systems awarded as

Flagship Integrator of RCare Wireless Nurse Call Systems!


rapid deployment nurse kit

The RCare Rapid Deployment kits are portable nurse call systems that allow you to support an expansion to the number of patient beds in your current facility, or in temporary facilities with deployment for up to 40 patients and 4 caregivers in record time. For facilities requiring more support for additional patients, expansion kits are available.

Why Choose RCare’s Rapid Deployment Kit?


Compact Design

Each rapid deployment kit is shipped and conveniently stored all in one box. This way, you can use it wherever your emergency brings you.


Easy Set Up

The system comes preprogrammed with minimal setup required. Our easy-to-follow instructions allow for your system to be up and running in under an hour. 



These kits can be used inside or outside of traditional hospital settings and require only one internet connection.


This system is stored in a convenient box fit with everything you need for an emergency or temporary facility. This out-of-the-box design allows you to store away this portable nurse call system and keep all of the materials together so when the time comes, you won’t be stuck searching for parts.

Easy to Follow Instructions

Each portable nurse call system comes with step-by-step instructions and a link to a video tutorial to assist you with your setup. No need to spend hours trying to figure out how to get this system up and running, the included instructions will have your system up in under an hour with our expert staff available by phone to support you during your set up process.

Streamlined Process

In an emergency situation, you don’t want to be left trying to navigate a complicated system. The RCare system will leave your group running efficiently and effectively with materials that leave no room for confusion with staff.

Wireless System

When there isn’t time to run landlines or traditional nurse call systems, the RCare wireless nurse call system delivers with a small, touchscreen server and relies on a single internet connection.

Everything You Need For An Out-of-the-box Portable Nurse Call System

The standard RCare rapid deployment kit includes:

  • 1 Nurse call master with integrated touchscreen console
  • 40* Push Button pendants
  • 40* Clip-on bed signs
  • 4* Alpha-numeric Apollo pagers
  • 1 Single-input serial page encoder 5W
  • 1 G4 master receiver
  • 2 G4 locators
  • 1 Compact, heavy-duty Pelican case
  • Step-by-step instructions and link to video tutorial
*Increased capacity available through expansion kits

Special Care Systems is proud to have deployed these portable nurse call systems to top-tier healthcare facilities